Hello Kitty’s World

Short episodes and music videos with Hello Kitty and friends!

“Hello Kitty’s World” is an animated webseries about pop culture’s most kawaii character. It follows Hello Kitty doing sports, visiting the zoo and even travelling the world! In addition to the episodes, there are also music videos with fun songs that’ll make you want to never stop dancing.

The web series has episodes with many different themes, such as travel, the arts, music, school and even about the different regions of Brazil. There’s even one where we meet Hello Kitty’s family. Besides Hello Kitty, we also follow her friends, like Badtz-Maru, Chococat and Keroppi.

From the same creators of “Monica Toy TV”, chosen by Google Play as one of the Top Family Apps of 2016, the app “Hello Kitty TV” is perfect for children, because it allows them to watch the videos in safe and organized fashion, with no risk of exposition to inappropriate material.

“Hello Kitty TV” is the perfect app for everyone who loves Hello Kitty and the joy she spreads wherever she goes.